250 years of Green Chartreuse

The photos shown on this page are part of a work initiated in 2014 for the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the famous liqueur produced in Voiron: the Green Chartreuse. These photographs were used to illustrate the exhibition "1764-2014 Green Chartreuse, a story that is only just beginning" (furniture, large prints, video projection, etc.), presented on May 17th 2014 at the Chartreuse Cellars in Voiron. They have also illustrated the exhibition "1764-2014 El Chartreuse Verde, Una historia que acaba de empezar" in Tarragona (Spain). Finally, they were used in various publications (press, websites) as well as Chartreuse Diffusion websites.


Some of the photos presented here are the result of work done for the walnut experimentation station in Rhône-Alpes (SENURA), especially during the inauguration of their laboratory. The landscapes of the 'walnut' valley illustrate the importance of the sector in this part of the Isère valley, at the foot of the Vercors mountain range. These photographs show the techniques and materials used by the producers for the exploitation of the walnut orchards. They also reveal the work of men and women on washing and sorting lines, as well as methods of drying nuts to get them ready for sale. The members of SENURA and the scientific research they carry out, especially in the laboratory, are at the heart of this photographic report, only part of which is presented here.